Innovative thinking

Our unique way of thinking has allowed us to really push the boundaries and continually improve our LED lighting range, whilst managing to maintain our strict quality control procedures.

Our LED lighting range features many unique design and technological details not found on similar competitor products, ensuring unrivalled efficiencies.

We continue to develop and improve our LED lighting range, always looking for new ways to increase efficiencies, life-span and capabilities, which is all designed to deliver the best products available on the market.

Revolutionary design

Our unique lighting control gears actively reduce voltage and current to the LEDs in a filtered process that manages the power efficiency, all designed to lengthen life-span, improve consumption stability and maintain a strong color brightness – See diagram opposite.

Grade A Materials

Our LED lights use only medical grade optical isolators (designed to prevent electrical shocks), specifically used in our lighting control gears to maximize on safety. We do this to meet the rigorous regulations set out by CE and UL.

Our quality control department only select grade A LEDs that are +/- 50 kelvins (the industry standard is approximately +/- 500 kelvins), ensuring color uniformity on every LED light we manufacture. We can then run our LED lights at a lower output without affecting the light strength, saving energy and lengthening its life-span. For example, the LED QET8 Tube is 10% brighter than an equivalent standard fluorescent tube.

All of our exterior lights are built using lab-tested, high-grade aluminium casts, designed to increase longevity and cope with extreme heat and cold weather conditions.

What this all means to you

All our LED lights are manufactured using high quality materials and are the most efficient and long-term cost effective LED lights on the market.

The results: Less down-time, less stress, less maintenance, more savings.

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LED light degradation graph
This graph shows how all LED lights begin their life, producing a light output of 100%, increasing to 110% as the LED’s bed-in, but then degrading light output over time.

A = The industry standard
The US industry standard will accept LED light degradation of 76% at 6,000 hours of operation, degrading further to 49% light output at 50,000 hours of operation.

B = QE Global products
Our LED lights only degrade to 89% light output at 10,000 hours of operation, degrading further to just 85% light output at 50,000 hours of operation
– A loss of only 15% light output.