Question everything

QE (Question Everything) Global came from a belief of continuous improvement, which leads to unique and imaginative ways of working.

Our goal is to be recognized as leading designers, developers and manufacturers of LED lighting products worldwide.

We aim to achieve this through original ways of working, by pushing the boundaries of what is possible and by always improving on what we do.

Our History

QE Global was started in 2003 as a partnership with CL2 International (Hong Kong). However our business relationship dates back to 1998, working together as professionals in the real estate and retail sectors. 

We’ve spent many years investing, developing and testing our first LED lights, making sure they were as efficient and well made as possible. We also designed and manufactured bespoke components that enhanced our lights further. 

Our focus has always been to increase energy efficiency in the US and other countries in which we operate, which we will achieve through constant development of our products and services.  

In 2008 CL2 International Ltd became QE Global Hong Kong Ltd. This brand union allows us to provide a fully dedicated support system in the Far East, which means we have control over quality and product development. 

Today QE Global operates across the world and continues to question everything for the better.


We operate in the following countries:

Australia Italy Turkey
France Japan United Kingdom
Germany New Zealand United States
Hong Kong Spain